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The Constitution for the United States & Common Law guarantee every citizen inalienable rights. The 9th Amendment retains your rights. To claim these rights, you need to know your rights. CopperCards helps you claim your rights.

The solution does not lie with “the government”. Presidents can't help. Legislatures can’t help. Courts can’t help.
The solution lies with “We the People”.  CopperCards enables "We the People".
Products & Services To Protect Your Rights
For Those Stranded In Court
The Goal Of CopperCards Is To Bring Constitutional Law & Order to the U.S.

In October of 2013 CopperCard Site was severely attacked & we were forced to switch to the old site announcing that something exciting was coming. What we had started developing was The Earth Plan, which is now live! Please visit www.TheEarthPlan.com to learn about CopperCards eaciting replacement and TOTAL SOLUTION> : 

SOLUTION: The Earth Plan

Grand Juries Can Save The USA!  CopperCards County Cleanup Program. This program has a real opportunity to rapidly recover the U.S.  It's simple, it's fast, it's easy.  Remove County officials who break their oath of office.
BREAKING NEWS: SC County Files First Quo Warranto Grand Jury Indictment/Presentment against government official - CopperCards unlocks method to clean up corruption in the U.S.! read More...

CopperCards Bank Would Solve Economic & Banking Crisis. 

Fix The Fed - Fun Our Own Non-Fiat Banking System

What is CopperCards?: We provide Tools, Community & Services
TOOLS = simple instruction cards forcing the law
COMMUNITY = Local community to stand with you in enforcing the law
SERVICES = 119 Response infrastructure; Next-Gen Banking; Insurance etc.

CopperCards provides the most practical means to recover law & order in the U.S.
CopperCards Has Real, Practical Solutions for the US & World

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CopperCards provides the tools & community to recover governance by We the People.

CopperCards is real simple. We make cards that teach people what to do in different legal situations – we call them CopperCards. Everything an immoral lawyer, judge, DA and cop does not want you to know. The cards are effective, except when the courts, cops, lawyers and DA’s don’t follow the law. For that, we create local community that stands together against lawless officials. We call the local community a CopperCards Guard.

When a member is assaulted or maliciously prosecuted by the government, they call the CopperCards ‘119’ system which alerts all the other members in the area who go to their fellow member’s aid. On camera and in front of witnesses, government officials tend to follow the law. CopperCards is pro-government, lawful government that is.

With 48+ million traffic stops, 7+ million incarcerations, 2+ million foreclosures and the average person working six to eight months of the year to pay the governments taxes and interest, CopperCards is growing fast.

Freedom, Justice, Domestic Tranquility, Common Defense, General Welfare, Blessings of Liberty & Posterity are secured by the Constitution, available to all, if you know how to claim them. 
CopperCards helps apply the law to secure your life from unwarranted government intrusion.

CopperCards is a key strategic initiative aimed at recovering law & governance in the U.S. We teach our members how to utilize the law provided by the Constitution & Common Law & we establish a local community to enforce it. It's a simple association with simple products and services orientated around the wisdom of the Constitution
& what the U.S. is meant to be. 

Everything we do at Copper Cards is in strict conformity with the law embodied in the Constitution & Common Law.

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