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Since the 1960s, global population reduction and control has been an explicit goal of the Council for Foreign Relations & the United Nations, organizations initiated and funded by the New World Order (See “Novus Ordo Seclorum” on Federal Reserve Bank One Dollar Note).  Mechanisms employed for population control are: War, vaccinations, Agent Orange, Depleted Uranium, Chemtrails and now direct low level aerial spraying. Research indicates the aerial sprays contain atomized heavy metals such as beryllium, viruses, anaesthesizing compounds and toxins.  Service members exposed to Depleted Uranium are extremely vulnerable.  Simple methods to combat illnesses caused by aerial spraying and depleted uranium are available
  1. Calcium-D-glucarate pills (or Zeolite as substitute).
    200mg oral twice per day for 30 days. Increase the rate of removal of heavy metals.

  2. Drink Distilled Water.
    Distilled water leeches metals out of the body and blood stream drink allot.

  3. Avoid Mass Produced Foods.
    May contain genetic orientated nanoparticles that cause illnesses.

  4. Avoid Most Meat.
    Heavily pesticide, antibiotic, medicinal and mad-cow contamination.

  5. Eat Freshwater Fish.
    Check source is from clean water.

  6. Follow the Ph factor diet.
    Keeping the blood & body alkaline prevents many pathogens.

  7. Eat Sprouts.
    Easily grown in your own kitchen with mineral enhancements.

  8. Hemp Oil.
    Effective in removing toxins – salad dressing & cooking.

Agent: Calcium D-Glucarate

Dosage:  200mg oral twice per day for 30 days with increased water intake to assist Elimination.  Suppresses Glucaronidaze enzyme for 5-6 hours

Action:  Suppression of glucaronidaze enzyme in gut preventing toxin re-absorption and producing subsequent rapid elimination of heavy metals [Mercury, Lead, Cadmium Uranium, etc.] aromatic hydrocarbons, agricultural chemicals, CNS agents, combustion byproducts of ordinance explosions and biological warfare agents in stool and urine

Background: Researchers at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, developed the supplemental form of Calcium D-Glucarate after many animal and human studies showed that Calcium D-glucarate could significantly decrease lung, skin, liver, breast, colon and prostate cancers, most by half or more, and prevented some cancers when exposed to strong chemical agents after application. 

Reason for Benefits:  Toxins remain attached to bile and exited The body.  Liver function was not interrupted due to suppression of the Glucaronidaze enzyme allowing body to flush toxic antagonists that normally get re absorbed through intestinal wall in lower bowel, re-enter system and raise cellular toxic load to levels past threshold to cause mutagenic changes in cell nuclei. E.g., Cancer.

Notice:  Higher doses than 200mg can cause skin rashes, and does not increase the action of the agent.
CopperCards Health is provided for guidelines and is must not replace you seeing a qualified doctor.  If you are seriously ill consult your doctor and be sure to advise of your exposure to aerial spraying or depleted uranium and ensure your doctor is qualified to treat your condition.

Some specialized products are available that are more effective than alcium-D-glucarate, ToXguard from Jarrow


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